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The Top 100 Global Sales Leaders 2018

They hail from Silicon Valley and New York City, no surprise, but also from Boca Raton, Lake Forest and Parsippany. Highly specialized, they roam the cutting edge of 21st century technology, proselytizing the power of the cloud, machine learning and the ever-expanding reach of predictive analytics. In equal measure, they’re practitioners of 200-year-old sales strategies, sharpened over decades in the service of selling everything from plumbing valves and Scotch tape to health insurance and petrochemicals. They’re Fortune 500 machers and gifted innovators of e-commerce.

In the United States, a staggering 25.9 million sales professionals provide the backbone of revenue at the nation’s 500 largest companies, with millions more filling the ranks at start-ups and other fledgling businesses, according to the online publication Selling Power. With continued economic growth forecasted for early 2018, sales executives and the sprawling industry in which they toil will be among the year’s leading benefactors.

At the pinnacle stand heavy hitters like Andrew Logan of Apple and Peter Ryan, who as chief sales officer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise has steered the Palo Alto, California, company to success following years of turbulence. Others, like Susan St. Ledger of Splunk and Janet Butler of IBM, are spearheading the next wave of cloud technology. Be it for a multinational like Amazon or a 90-year-old industrial supplier like Grainger, however, the titans of the nation’s sales force share an unflinching desire to flex age-old sales strategies while effortlessly adapting to new technology.

The Modern Sale teamed up with Collective[i], which curated the 2018 list of the Top 100 Global Sales Leaders. An extensive evaluation of thousands of sales professionals resulted in the winners listed here. These leaders were selected based on the breadth and depth of their experience, their commitment to team and leadership development, their overall contribution to the sales profession, and their ability to adapt, innovate and embrace the technologies that are rapidly defining the modern sale. We celebrate the remarkable individual achievements of this year’s Top 100 and their collective contribution to the sales profession.

We hope you enjoy.

Jotham Sederstrom

Editor-in-Chief, The Modern Sale



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