Bill Hobbs

Senior Vice President of Global Sales

In February, Totango, the San Mateo, California–based customer success platform, closed a $9 million funding round meant to shore up the company’s enterprise strategy, but Hobbs has been evangelizing the software-as-a-service provider’s business model ever since he joined in 2015 as a senior vice president of global sales. In blog posts, social media and in magazines, the former Chartbeat head of sales regularly weighs in on topics as varied as the rise of the subscription economy and, naturally, customer success. In his current position, he’s leading a large-scale market-expansion effort and delivering growth for the company from a satellite office in New York City. “By widening your focus beyond just new sales and adding a customer success element to your business early in your growth, you’ll ensure you can effectively align company resources, minimize lost opportunities, and maximize revenue,” Hobbs wrote for Forbes in 2015. “This alignment will drive referrals, up-sells, cross-sells, and retain the customers you have so you can continue to grow.” By the time you read this, you can expect excitement from Totango under Hobbs’s leadership.