Carl Marchetto

Vice President & General Manager, Commercial Business
Lockheed Martin

America’s preeminent satellite salesman, Marchetto is probably one of the only sales professionals on this planet who can boast that his signature has been launched into orbit, embedded inside an A2100 commercial communications satellite as an expression of gratitude for his work as a program director for Lockheed Martin. Considered a progenitor of the rapidly expanding commercial-space sector, the California Institute of Technology grad returned to Lockheed in 2014 following his tenure as CEO of a private aerospace-consulting business, Polaris Associates, not to mention similar positions at Orbital and Eastman Kodak, among others. Not one to rest on his laurels, however, the former jet-propulsion expert of NASA was integral last year in Lockheed’s belated embrace of artificial intelligence; he spearheaded a partnership with NEC to analyze data from space using the Japanese information technology provider’s system invariant analysis technology. “What we’re expected to do is to change the way our customers look at us and to deliver new solutions and new outcomes,” Marchetto said during a 2017 Space Generation Advisory Council talk. “It could be cost, it could be effectivity, or it could be a brand-new idea.”