Chad Whalen

Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales
F5 Networks

As part of a drive earlier this year to scale back a number of F5 Networks’ legacy businesses and hone in on growth opportunities, including cloud solutions and security products, the application delivery networking company promoted Whalen in July to serve as executive vice president of Worldwide Sales. Whalen’s position is far more than the sum of its parts, however. By tapping Whalen — who has spent less than two years with the company — to oversee its restructuring plan, F5 Networks is essentially entrusting the Eastern Washington University graduate to run its channels operation as it seeks to trim certain segments in favor of fresh opportunities, including a pair of security products, the F5 SSL Orchestrator and the F5 Access Manager, both designed to thwart cyberattacks. “We are very focused on the transformation of F5 into a multi-cloud application services leader, and as a result, there is legacy spend that we have that is less relevant for the future than it has been for the past, and we are shifting our focus to the growth areas of F5,” F5 Networks CEO Francois Locoh-Donou told the trade news site CHANNELe2e in July. “Specifically, we are intensifying our investments in software and multi-cloud technologies, in new go-to-market motions and also in building the necessary digital infrastructure that enables those go-to-market motions.”