Dan Swanson

Senior Sales Leader
Dex Media

If any company has weathered the technological revolution, it’s Dex Media, the phone-book publisher turned digital marketing giant. After several years of publishing nearly 2,000 phone directories nationwide, Dex filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2016, its third in less than a decade. However, before the year was over, it emerged from the fallout and began its transition into a digital-, mobile- and online-search leader, in part by combining advertising with local knowledge to provide a suite of technology, products and tools to its clients. As senior sales leader since 2012, Swanson has played a role in captaining the turnaround, deploying an arsenal of old-school sales tactics and a hefty array of tech-forward email, social-media and mobile-marketing strategies to convince his clients that the Dex of 2018 is nothing like that of 10 years ago, when print still held sway. “Dan demonstrates by word and deed the difference between leadership and management,” said Alan Duncan, a colleague. “He has created the vision, built the strategy and put the plan for radical, positive culture-change into action.”