Daniel Campbell

EVP Global Sales
NCR Corporation

Arguably more integral to the advancement of salesmanship than any other American company operating today, NCR Corporation, or the National Cash Register as it was known shortly after its 19th-century launch under the leadership of John Henry Patterson, standardized sales practices and business techniques still widely used today. Campbell, a former Dell EMC global sales executive, has upheld the Atlanta-based company’s dedication to sales since he joined in February, leading the publicly traded multinational’s channels and sales operations with aplomb. In an otherwise mixed second quarter, one bright spot during an earnings call in July was modest revenue spikes in software and service, thanks in part to Campbell’s aggressive championing of NCR’s catalog of omni-channel software like ENCOR, which combines the company’s point-of-sale system with back-office solutions. Going into the third and fourth quarters, analysts are wagering that NCR, and Campbell, will lift the company to higher ground.