Doug Golwas

Senior Vice President, Corporate Sales
Medline Industries Inc.

Anyone who’s ever given birth or even just spent time in a maternity ward in the past 70 years is familiar with at least one of Medline Industries’ products — they just might not have realized it. Since the 1950s, the Illinois-based medical-supplies manufacturer has been churning out the iconic blue-pink-and-white Kuddle-Up blankets that have become ubiquitous at hospitals nationwide and have served as a bit player in Instagram snaps the world over. Though the blanket is but one of the 500,000 products that Golwas handles as senior vice president of corporate sales, its lasting success — not to mention sales of 2 million blankets annually — has presumably kept the item top of mind. Still, his responsibilities transcend blankets and extend into critical tasks, including financial offerings and contracting, logistics solutions and technology in support of distribution and supply chain. “At Medline, we talk about systemness a lot,” he told Healthcare Purchasing News last year. “Systemness is the ability to provide a consistent experience for patients, clinicians and staff across the continuum — regardless of the care setting.”