Gerri Elliott

Executive Vice President, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Cisco Systems Inc.

Only months after a headline-grabbing executive shake-up in late 2017, Cisco straightened course in March by hiring two top sales and marketing leaders. Among them, Maria Martinez, a former president of Salesforce’s Customer Success division, took the helm as executive vice president and chief customer experience officer of the San Jose, California–based technology conglomerate. But perhaps more intriguing was the decision to tap Elliott, a longtime executive vice president of rival Juniper Networks, to replace Chris Dedicoat, a loyal 22-year veteran of Cisco, as chief sales and marketing officer. The move, industry analysts said at the time, was meant to help reposition the company as a leader in cloud-based solutions, a tech-facing role Elliott excelled at during previous positions with IBM, Microsoft and Juniper. “I am excited to have two phenomenal leaders, Gerri and Maria, join Cisco’s executive leadership team,” said Cisco Chairman and CEO Chuck Robbins shortly after the appointments of both women. “Their collective vision and vast experience across software, networking, services and customer success are a powerful combination as we drive greater momentum with our customers and partners.