Jaideep Janakiram

Senior Vice President International Business, Head of the Americas

Perhaps the only sales executive with an IMDb credit — in his case for a cameo in Breaking the Bee, a documentary exploring the two-decade domination of the National Spelling Bee by Indian-Americans such as himself — Janakiram has excelled at bringing content to multicultural audiences, often in innovative new ways. Last year the senior vice president of International Business helped develop Meet the Drapers, the world’s first crowdfunded reality TV show, featuring one of Silicon Valley’s top venture capitalists, Draper Richards LP founder Bill Draper. The Shark Tank–like show allows would-be capitalists to invest in start-ups featured on the program from the comfort of their easy chairs, whether those chairs are situated in Akron, Ohio, or Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, a southern state in India. “South Asians — the show’s core audience — are a vibrant part of the Silicon Valley start-up culture,” said Janakiram ahead of the November 2017 premiere on Sony Entertainment TV. “We created this show to showcase these trailblazing entrepreneurs, VCs and angels and to allow our viewers to participate in their ventures.”