James Bruni

Head of Sales, Financial and Risk
Thomson Reuters

In January, Blackstone Group, a private equity firm, provided a major shot in the arm to Thomson Reuters by acquiring a 55 percent majority stake in the Canadian multinational mass media and information firm’s Financial and Risk business. Few, perhaps, will benefit more than Bruni from the shift in power. As head of sales for the company’s Financial and Risk division, the Auburn University graduate already oversees a $500 billion business dedicated to delivering news, information and analytics through websites and client portals — like its flagship terminal Eikon — to thousands of legal professionals, insurance companies, banks, traders and economists. Through the $20 billion deal, however, the refashioned Financial and Risk division will inject annual payments of $325 million to Reuters over three decades to secure access to its news service, for a total of $10 billion, according to a Reuters article published in January following news of the transaction. For Bruni, that’s insurance for the future.