Kevin Capitani

Pearson North America

Under Capitani’s leadership, the British-owned education publishing and assessment-services company has leaned hard into cutting-edge technology. In July, the company tapped Milena Marinova, the former senior director of AI solutions at Intel, to help develop new assessment technology, which, if successful, could revolutionize how educators evaluate not only standardized test scores but also the students themselves. Using deep learning, the new application, now in its prototype stage, seeks to analyze why students answer test questions the way they do, thereby offering educators line-by-line data to determine how best to help them going forward. In a press release issued shortly after Capitani’s appointment in 2016, following underwhelming first and second quarters of that year and the elimination of 4,000 jobs, a spokesperson said the former SAP sales executive was tapped to help the company “transition from analogue to digital, and from products to services.” So far, Capitani is living up to that goal.