Mark Greatrex

Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer
Cox Communications

Notice that title: chief marketing and sales officer. Not CMO but CMSO. When Greatrex, a former Coca-Cola sales and marketing executive, assumed the position at the Atlanta-based cable television and telecommunications subsidiary in 2011, he immediately saw the potential for integrating the company’s sales and marketing functions. At the time, it was still a relatively new concept: Social media was still in its infancy, and vessels like email blasts, podcasts and streaming video were nascent in the minds of many Americans. But with his access to software designed to measure email open rates, call-center performance, television audiences and click-through rates, Greatrex identified the rapidly widening chasm between marketing data and sales performance ahead of the rest . In one early epiphany, as told to Marketing Land, the New York University Stern School of Business graduate learned that by studying narrow metrics, Cox, the country’s third-largest cable TV provider, had incentivized sales tactics that were hurting the bottom line. Only after drilling down did he discover that while open rates were plunging, sales at retail branches were rising, thanks to dedicated sales teams that were aggressively evangelizing the company’s products and solutions on the sales floor. “There’s a demand for a service from customers that knows what they like,” he told AdAge in 2013.