Matthew Zielinski

President, North America & Senior Vice President, Smart Devices & PC
Lenovo Group

Rob Cato, Lenovo’s new channel chief in North America, summed it up best, perhaps, when he said of Zielinski at the company’s partner conference Accelerate in Las Vegas earlier this year, “He wants to be the guy that’s going to lead us back and be here consistently. He’s building a place in Raleigh. We haven’t had a president in Raleigh for a while.” Indeed, Zielinski’s appointment in January as president of Lenovo North America marks the sixth such U.S. executive shift by the Chinese multinational in as many years, and the company, many of its employees admit, has suffered a half decade of arrested development as a result. Since helming North America, however, Zielinski has made strides to increase the company’s market share by half a percentage point by introducing PC offerings like a third-generation ThinkPad X1 and new P Series workstations. Meanwhile, over the past year he’s spearheaded research and development as the company works toward regaining partner trust. “The mission is really to unbridle all that potential that’s already existed,” Zielinski said at Accelerate in May. “[We’ve] spent the last 13 weeks diagnosing and dissecting the business to really chart out a strategy that I believe is a winning one.”