Rafe D’Amico

Senior Vice President of Sales
Cumulus Media

Cumulus Media, the second largest owner and operator of AM and FM radio station in the United States, tallied a big, headline-grabbing win in June when it reduced its debt by more than $1 billion and fully emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy — or, as the Atlanta-based company’s CEO Mary Berner put it, broke free of its “financial chains.” As monumental a victory as it was — having dug itself out of debt from $5 billion in acquisitions over two decades — the radio behemoth scored a win nearly as crucial in 2017, when, under D’Amico’s leadership, the company launched its first programmatic ad buying exchange, Expressway, which is operated by Katz Radio Group, a New York–-based media representation company, and offers automation, attribution modeling and dynamic pricing. “America’s prominent agencies and advertisers have clearly stated they want AM/FM radio to join the evolution toward programmatic,” D’Amico said shortly after the partnership was inked in May 2017. “Expressway from Katz and programmatic are key elements of our strategy to serve our clients’ needs.”