Rajeev Mehta


A lot has happened since the first half of 2016. First, following the launch 18 years earlier of an initial public offering in 1998, the multinational IT services provider made public a voluntary internal investigation into whether business practices in India violated the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Second, in the same year, Gordon Coburn resigned as president. Enter Mehta, who, in his infancy at Cognizant, weathered plunging stocks, including a wipeout of $4.4 billion in market capital in a single day, and general malaise among Wall Street analysts. Since then the 20-year veteran of the Teaneck, New Jersey–based information technology stalwart has persevered, narrowing in on a digital strategy that has already laid fertile ground in Asia, where executives believe a $1 billion garden will likely grow in the next several years. “We were not one of the first to get into Asia Pacific. We started later,” said Jayajyoti Sengupta, head of Asia-Pacific, told The Economic Times earlier this year. “But the pace at which we are able to catch up is pretty significant. When I came to Asia Pacific about five-and-a-half years ago, the contribution of Asia Pacific to Cognizant’s overall revenue was in the range of 1 percent. And today, if you see, the rest of world, which is predominantly Asia Pacific, is over 6-and-a-half percent of Cognizant’s business.” Good job, Mehta.