Richard Stanton

Chief Digital & Innovation Officer

Since late 2016, Stanton has served as chief digital and innovation officer of Informa, the London-based multinational events and publishing company known internationally for such trade journals as the 200-year-old shipping news publication Lloyd’s List and the publisher Taylor & Francis. He joined the company following the acquisition of Penton Information Services, where he helped spearhead the digital transformation of the century-old information- and marketing-service firm’s portfolio of publications, including titles like Trusts & Estates, Aviation Week and SQL Server Pro. Now, at Informa, the New York–based American University graduate is training his eye on the potential of new technology like artificial intelligence to alter the intersection of human behavior and shifting business models to evolve in an era of fake news. “Trends and data show that audiences and communities are looking for experts, first and foremost: people who are credible, creating and providing original content and unique insights and intelligence, and connected to their world,” he wrote in a 2017 annual report. “They expect that engagement to be online as well as offline and to use multiple formats — video, audio, images, long reports and short-form content.”