Rick Froehlich

Chief Sales Officer
Rackspace Ltd.

With several strategic partnerships in recent months, the San Antonio–based company has been signaling a desire to pivot into professional services and take a bigger bite of the market share among regulated industries. The move away from hosting to providing multi-cloud solutions has been peppered over the past few years with high-profile partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google — and Froehlich, a practiced turnaround artist, has adopted an overall sales strategy for the repositioning that leans heavily on channels. “The leaders I have reported to have allowed me the flexibility to exercise innovation and creativity,” wrote Froehlich, a former executive with Dell and Oracle, on LinkedIn. “These efforts have led to record top- and bottom-line growth in both domestic and international markets. I recognize this cannot be accomplished without a committed team that embraces the mission. To accomplish this, I have to attract, recruit, mentor, manage and retain productive teams and lead them in the execution of the vision.” Expect much more to come from this seasoned turnaround professional.