Sean Hough

Vice President of Sales, North America

To lawyers and journalists, LexisNexis is the air they breath and the water they drink. But so too for doctors, who use the New York–based research database to saves lives, or investigators, who lean on it to track scofflaws and missing children, and students, who depend on it for book reports, midterm study sessions and biology prep-work. For Hough, a 15-year veteran of the company, the nearly 50-year-old database has been a simple selling point for his team of 150 sales professionals. Even as information shifts course from print to digital, the company has remained on the cutting edge, launching new services to monitor social media and make the most of geo-mapping. The five-time Circle of Excellence award winner’s “wide range of experience includes effectively ensuring execution of stated business objectives, rebuilding new sales teams, rigid performance management, efficiently hiring, training and coaching more than 100 new employees and leading total solutions selling,” he wrote on LinkedIn.