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Allyson Fryhoff

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Chief Revenue Officer

Not only has Salesforce become one of the most valuable enterprise tech providers with its popular customer relationship management software and wider platform, but it has quite literally altered the physical world too, with the Salesforce tower rising above the San Francisco skyline as a new city landmark. Fryhoff has been with the company during its precipitous ascent, joining in 2010 as a senior vice president of its enterprise app cloud platform and performing well for five years before being appointed chief revenue officer of, its nonprofit and education-focused arm. She spent earlier phases of her career working for the iconic Digital Equipment Corporation and at Oracle, among others. Fryhoff has been praised by peers for being great at motivating sales teams by clearly communicating goals and empowering and encouraging others to perform at their best. The results speak for themselves: her team successfully exceeds sales targets year over year.