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Ashley Hansen Grech

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Global Head of Sales

Amid the thriving but often topsy-turvy technology boom of the last two decades, Square stands out as one of the brightest companies to emerge. The global mobile payments and point-of-sale innovator has seen its stock price soar up to 1000 percent since its IPO in 2015. Grech, who joined Square in July 2017 after 12 years at JPMorgan Chase, has already been promoted once from head of sales strategy and growth to the tech company’s global head of sales, which she credits in part to “being the best person you can be in your role.” She has been at Square at a pivotal time, during the launch of its new, custom point-of-sale, Square Terminal, which has been hailed throughout the sales industry as a game-changer. She has said that working at JPMorgan Chase during the global financial crisis and its aftermath, “was life-altering in terms of the lessons learned. The years between 2007 and 2011 were absolutely the best (and toughest) years of sales, finance, strategy, and HR education I’ve experienced to date.”