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Brenna Burns

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North America President & CEO Grid Solutions
GE Renewable Energy

GE is in the midst of a complicated turnaround effort, but GE Renewable Energy is one of its most promising divisions. And as the North America president and CEO of grid solutions at this part of the iconic conglomerate, Brenna Burns is in position to ensure it remains a leader in the global effort to embrace cleaner, more sustainable energy sources. She joined GE more than 20 years ago in its aviation division, before moving up through various energy subsidiaries and roles of increasing importance. Her extensive history with the company gives her a deep firsthand knowledge of its technology offerings and products, as evidenced by a recent article she published, describing how one of the company’s energy grid solutions can help regular customers. As she put it, “Our utility customers continually ask us for better ways to respond to the world’s increasingly wild weather patterns,” and now under Burn’s leadership, her division is here to help.