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Brian Serino

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SVP & Managing Director, Sales

Epsilon is making the world of today possible from behind the scenes, offering customer relationship management (CRM) software, emails, loyalty programs and personalized digital ads through its platform, Conversant. Serino, an expert at helping to build, grow, and ultimately sell startups such as Unica (which sold to IBM), joined Epsilon in late 2017 as the senior vice president and managing director of sales. As he said at the time, “I look forward to not only helping the organization succeed through new market opportunities but also helping our clients succeed by bringing them integrated solutions that combine Epsilon’s unrivaled data intelligence, world-class technology, and analytic and strategic services.” In the words of a former colleague: “Brian was very approachable, as his door was always open to consult on any deal and the best plan of action to take in order to get it across the line.”