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Candice Donahoe

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VP Sales, Deep Brain Stimulation, U.S

Medical devices supplier Medtronic has been around for more than half a century and now operates in 160 countries. As vice president of sales for the U.S., Donahoe is tasked with ensuring the company remains successful on its home turf. She’s been with Medtronic for nearly 18 years, working across such cutting-edge divisions as neurologic technologies, advanced energy, restorative therapies, and deep-brain stimulation. Donahoe has garnered glowing reviews from former colleagues and frequently cheers on current ones with supportive public comments. As a female leader, she’s aware of the example she sets for other women across industries. “My advice for women in male-dominated industries is always be kind, be professional and work hard, be excellent at what you do, and you’ll earn the respect of your male peers,” she has said. “You do not need to overcompensate and be someone that you are not.”