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Carol L. Grunberg

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VP & Enterprise Leadership
Northwestern Mutual

Only a few companies in the financial services industry have attained the level of name recognition that Northwestern Mutual enjoys. As vice president and enterprise leadership at the company since the spring of 2019, Grunberg is in charge of innovation, post-investment strategy, and business development, among other responsibilities. And yet, despite that important job, she also finds the time to act as the president of the board of Wnet (short for Women’s Network in Electronic Transactions). Under her leadership, Wnet recently partnered for the first time with consulting giant McKinsey and LeanIn.Org for its annual study on Women in the Workplace. As a champion of gender equality and inclusion, Grunbern stated in a LinkedIn article that “with greater diversity, we are more creative, productive, and profitable.” This French native notes that she “enjoy[s] bringing creative, innovative people together to solve problems, create new revenue streams,” and is “steadfast in working through the matrix of ambiguous, complex environments.”