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Carrie Seifer

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VP & Chief Revenue Officer

Since March 2017, Seifer has held one of the most vital roles at one of the most longstanding technology giants. As vice president and chief revenue officer of IBM, she is responsible for everything from developing the blue chip’s go-to-market strategy, marketing materials, organization design, and leading revenue generation for its Watson Artificial Intelligence and Weather Company business-to-business products. Seifer previously worked at tech startups and even major media outlets, namely Wired magazine and, later, its parent publisher Condé Nast, and has been described by admiring former associates as a “potent veteran in the digital advertising business.” She’s also a sharp discerner of trends that affect the wider tech industry and is unafraid to lead by example, telling the blog iProspect in an early 2019 article that transparency was critical to success: “For the general public to trust AI, it must be transparent. Technology companies must be clear about who trains their AI systems, what data was used in that training, and, most importantly, what went into their algorithm’s recommendations.”