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Christian Kim

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SVP, Enterprise Sales
Dell Technologies

The rise of mobile devices has put the personal computer industry in a bit of an awkward spot, since many of the landmark features that ordinary consumers used to seek out in PCs are now readily available on smartphones and tablets. That means PC sales to the enterprise are all the more important, which puts Kim, senior vice president of enterprise sales at iconic PC maker Dell, in a crucial role at this moment for the mature industry. Fortunately he possesses what he describes as a “detailed knowledge of legacy systems and emerging technologies, which is critical in today’s enterprise data center and hybrid cloud environments.” The sales leader has been with Dell for two years, starting as a division vice president. Before that, he spent time at a number of other leading tech firms, including Akamai, Polycom, and most recently EMC, which merged with Dell in 2016 to become the world’s largest private tech firm. “The integration and the merger has gone exceptionally well,” Kim said after the first year of the combined companies. No doubt, in part, thanks to his efforts.