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Christian Smith

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SVP, Global Sales


Smith joined Splunk, a big-data intelligence startup specifically focused on the problem and opportunity of making machine-readable and operational data more useful, at the start of 2017. In a short time, by the summer of 2019, he was promoted from vice president of Americas sales to his current role, overseeing the company’s entire global sales line. Prior to Splunk, Smith spent more than 20 years developing his skill set as a sales leader in the cloud and hybrid (cloud and local) data storage/intelligence marketplaces, including stints at Nintex and Oracle. Among his long list of qualifications, he cites his proven record of “building exceptional, high-performing teams, metric-driven models, turnaround scenarios, scaling sales organizations”. Indeed, when Nintex hired him, they boasted of his credentials: “Smith has been directly involved in the creation and growth of several SaaS businesses as a founder, an executive, or in advisory roles.”