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Frank Ciccone

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SVP, U.S. Sales

Avaya, a leading creator of unified communications services (such as instant messaging and portable phone numbers) for enterprises, has had a tough recent run, filing for bankruptcy in 2016 and emerging after a debt restructuring in 2017. Ciccone, who joined as senior vice president of U.S. sales in early 2019 from Verizon, is charged with helping the company not only bounce back, but reach new heights. He’s responsible for all sales channels, professional services, and delivery teams across all 50 states. With his previous experience at not only Verizon but also AT&T, he is well-versed in telecom and large multinational corporations, both of which align neatly with his current role. So when he says he’s helping Avaya’s customers develop their unified communications strategies through mobile devices, you can trust he knows what he’s talking about and how to get it done.