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Gerri Elliott

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Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Elliott has not only cultivated a reputation as a highly successful and capable leader of global sales teams that count thousands of professionals among their ranks, she’s also an entrepreneur, having founded and launched multiple companies, including, an online platform for women who want to follow in her footsteps and serve on corporate boards (she’s a board member of Whirlpool). In a video published by Cisco in July 2019, she articulated what motivates her, saying, “I get energy from this role, I get energy from my team, I get energy from my customers, I’m having a blast!” She also said Cisco was undergoing a “transformation for the history books,” as it embraced a cloud subscription business model. While she’s been in her current role at Cisco since April 2018, she’s achieved multibillion dollars’ worth of growth at major technology firms where she’s previously held sales roles, including Juniper Networks, Microsoft, and IBM — the latter for more than 22 years. She’s also an avid Peloton cyclist and says the digital classes help give her leadership ideas that she takes back to work.