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Greg Pearson

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VP, Americas Sales, Amazon Web Services

Few companies in history have experienced quite the rise to prominence that Amazon has, and the online retailer’s ascent has been due in no small part to Amazon Web Services, its cloud storage and computing division. As vice president of sales for the Americas region of AWS since early 2019, Pearson is now in charge of arguably one of the most critical operations on Earth today, with numerous leading Fortune 500s and startups trusting Amazon to keep their customers’ digital data safe and readily accessible online. But even before he came to Amazon, Pearson helped pioneer the modern age, spending nearly 30 years at Intel, eventually taking on the position of global policy officer and senior vice president. As he puts it, “Over the past three decades I not only enjoyed a front row seat to one of history’s great technological revolutions, I also had the privilege of being an active participant.”