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Iván Markman

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Chief Business Officer
Verizon Media

Verizon has been on a bit of an M&A spree in recent years, snapping up first AOL, then Yahoo, and combining them into a business unit called, for a time, Oath, before it was finally renamed Verizon Media. Wrangling all of those digital content companies and brands into a profitable online business — one largely based around selling digital ad spaces — is a big part of Markman’s job as the chief business officer. As he writes of his group, “The Verizon Media business team focuses day in and day out on creating more meaningful and valuable relationships between consumers, publishers, and marketers everywhere. We believe that in doing so we will drive scale of high-quality, lifelong relationships.” Specifically, he sees the potential for growth through the strategic intersection of Verizon’s core telecom market and the content experiences that can be built atop it, such as using upcoming 5G networks to power augmented reality advertisements. He joined Verizon in early 2019 after spending the better part of a decade at Neustar, the information services and communications company responsible for managing the U.S. phone numbering system.