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Jim Gavitt

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SVP, Sales

Xerox is one of the few companies in the world whose name has become a verb thanks to its success (Uber is another). Yet this long-standing Fortune 500 company is still locked in fierce competition to succeed, going up against other printer/copier manufacturers and device giants such as HP. Nonetheless, Gavitt has helped Xerox maintain its competitive spirit and achieve results. Joining more than a decade ago as a business development executive, he quickly climbed the corporate ladder to his current role, which he took on in summer 2019. He had a major deal to celebrate around that time too, restarting the Xerox rebate buying program with the nonprofit Printing Industries of America, and teasing the addition of new Xerox products to the program in the future. He’s been described favorably by colleagues as a consistent, strong performer who is the type of leader that can have a tremendous impact on any organization.