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Lisa Gough

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CVP Transformation – National Sales Optimization

Food supply company Sysco is adapting rapidly to America’s fast-changing dietary preferences, with the rise of ketogenic, gluten-free, vegetarian/flexitarian, and of course, farm-to-table and organic diets. Fortunately, it has a through-line of continuity to its roots in the form of Gough, who first joined Sysco more than 20 years ago and has steadily been promoted into new, more influential roles until landing her current one as corporate vice president of transformation in May 2018. She takes a “customer first” approach in her work. In 2009, she was named among the 30 Women to Watch by Utah Business magazine and in 2017, she received a distinguished alumni award from her alma mater, the Salt Lake Community College, which she credited with teaching her fundamental skills including public speaking and collaboration.