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Maggie Hulce

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SVP, Global Sales Strategy

If you’ve looked for a new job at all in the last few years, there’s a high probability that your search has taken you to, which claims to be the most-visited job website in the world, with more than 250 million unique monthly visitors. Hulce has been at the company for nearly four years, and is on a quest to innovate and drive efficiency gains in’s client facing teams through the use of new tools or wholesale acquisitions, such as that of automated job posting company ClickIQ in 2019. As Hulce commented on the acquisition: “Using AI to deliver the right number of candidates in a more effortless way, we will free recruiters to focus on what they do best — engaging candidates and ensuring great hires — which ultimately supports our mission to help people get jobs.” She further serves as general manager of the company’s enterprise division. Prior to, she worked at Google and McKinsey & Company.