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Mark Britto

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EVP Global Sales & Credit

Britto has a long history of entrepreneurship and dynamic business-building in the technology industry. He’s founded, co-founded, and led several companies, including, a peer-to-peer payments company that was sold to Amazon; Ingenio, a digital services and advertising company acquired by AT&T, where he served as chief executive officer; and Boku, which he grew to become the largest independent mobile carrier billing payments company. He joined PayPal in mid-2017 and in February 2019 was promoted to his current role, where he focuses on “growing PayPal’s position as the preferred digital payment method for consumers and merchants around the globe.” Among his other accomplishments at PayPal, Britto was involved in the company’s strategic investment in Tala — a lending company targeting overlooked consumers with rapid, mobile-first microloans — which Britto said, “shares our vision of reimagining financial services, especially for the unbanked and those underserved by the traditional financial system.”