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Mark Wayland

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Chief Revenue Officer

As the person responsible for making sure Box — one of Silicon Valley’s hottest cloud-based storage and document-management startups — makes money and continues to grow, Wayland is in a critical position. He’s relatively new to the company, having joined in July 2019, with Box’s chief operating officer praising his success in the enterprise software business. Wayland is excited by the possibilities Box offers. “We have the potential to transform how nearly every company runs their business and how hundreds of millions of people get their work done every day,” he said in a press release. Prior to Box, he spent nearly two years as chief revenue officer of privately-held computer security company Tanium, and did a decade-long stint at Salesforce, where he served in a variety of leadership positions, including VP of marketing cloud, senior VP of global sales for Salesforce Pardot, and senior VP of commercial sales. He’s regularly active on Twitter on the handle @mtwayland, and shares both company updates and his unique, modest humor.