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Michelle Johnston Holthaus

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Holthaus, EVP & GM Sales, Marketing and Communications Group
Intel Corporation

Intel is at a critical juncture of its history, with the rise of mobile and graphics processors eclipsing the demand for the more traditional desktop and laptop PC processors that made it into a household name. (Who could forget “Intel Inside?”). In great news for the company, it has Holthaus as the leader of its global sales and marketing teams and associated revenue. She has more than 20 years of experience in tech, beginning at Intel in 1996 and working her way up through various positions of escalating responsibility and domain. And she brings with her a passion “about ingraining customer obsession into the fiber of Intel’s culture.” She’s been hailed by associates as effective and savvy and won multiple awards, including CRN Magazine’s Power 100: The Most Powerful Women of the Channel.