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Mike DiTullio

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EVP Global Marketing & Sales

A U.S. Army veteran, DiTullio understands the importance of discipline, follow-through, and courage when it comes to leadership. Also: commitment. For more than 20 years, DiTullio has been with PTC, a publicly traded company formerly known as the Parametric Technology Corporation, which provides software and technology services for various industries such as oil and gas, the life sciences, and retail. He joined in 1999 as a sales account manager, his role growing along with the company as he helped facilitate its increasing relevance and internal transformation. PTC now provides such cutting-edge technological solutions as an augmented reality platform for the enterprise, and an industrial internet-of-things platform. DiTullio is not afraid of digital transformation. In fact, he’s the one to call when your company wants one. As he put it in a recent client announcement: “Companies are investing significant resources to transform their businesses – having clear direction and the right technologies is critical for success.”