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Peter Karlsson

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SVP Global Sales & Marketing and SVP Business Transformation

CommScope is a global telecommunications network infrastructure and service provider, optimizing both wired and wireless communications around the world. The company, founded in the 1970s, recently made a sizeable acquisition of telecom equipment manufacturer ARRIS, and Karlsson is the executive responsible for “leading the company-wide effort of integrating ARRIS into CommScope and transforming the business operations of our new combined company.” Holding two titles and managing two major business lines — the external-facing sales and marketing division as well as the inward business transformational segment — he has a lot of balls in the air. But he’s not one to drop any of them, having spent more than15 years at the company in various roles, and before that, enjoying career successes at former employers like AT&T and Lucent. He’s also not shy about sharing his hard-earned knowledge with others: after his LinkedIn account was hacked, he publicly posted instructions for others to avoid the same fate.