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Renie Anderson

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Chief Revenue Officer & EVP
NFL Partnerships

Based on TV ratings numbers, the National Football League (NFL) is on an upswing, but it has also rarely faced more controversy than in recent times, with the likes of Colin Kaepernick, Antonio Brown, Jay-Z, and other celebrity names raising both public support and opposition for their various stances on the league. Throughout it all, Anderson has kept the NFL moving forward in various roles in her nearly 14 years with the company and through her recent promotion to become the league’s first-ever chief revenue officer. She currently oversees all of the league’s consumer-facing revenue streams, from product licensing to sponsorships to media sales, and has been praised by previous business partners for her “meticulous attention” to national goals and her “detail-oriented” approach. Anderson is cognizant of her role-model status as an all-too-rare female leader in the sports business, saying at the time of her promotion, “especially on the sell side of the (sports property) business, there’s not a lot of women, so I appreciated the opportunity to be a great example there.” .