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Sal Giordano

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Global VP, Sales & Client Management
SYKES Enterprises, Inc.

Multichannel and digital-focused marketing giant SYKES is all about providing its customers with the tools to ensure great experiences for their customers, so you could say that Giordano’s role as the company’s vice president of sales and client management is quite meta. Since joining almost 20 years ago (after more than 18 years at AT&T), Giordano has helped further extend SYKES’ international footprint, building an Asia-Pacific-focused sales team and delivering for the region; redeveloping its Europe, Middle East, and Africa efforts into a single, unified team; and restructuring U.S. operations worth $250 million in revenue from an onshore to offshore model, among other accomplishments. “At an executive level, I contribute to the planning needed to deliver against ever-changing market needs and the development of new approaches to service delivery,” he says of his current role.