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Stephen Shafer

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SVP, Business Development and Marketing-Sales

People may say “it’s not rocket science,” but that’s not exactly true when it comes to Shafer’s career. The current senior vice president of business development and marketing-sales at medical tech giant 3M got his professional start as an industrial engineer at NASA. That background makes even his Harvard MBA seem tame by comparison. Shafer also spent time at Ford and McKinsey before coming to 3M in 2010 and working his way up through various positions and responsibilities, including vice president of 3M Greater China Area and managing director of 3M China, where he was in charge of the company’s largest overseas market. In his current position, he handles strategy, M&A, and venture investing, finding inspiration in his love of travel. “Important in life is finding a purpose for your journey to help provide direction and then following your own curiosity to learn and grow as you travel,” he has said. “Important in leadership is helping others to do the same. Great institutions like 3M foster an environment to do both.”