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Sylvia Escobar

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VP Global Sales & Channel Enablement
Agilent Technologies

Agilent, a supplier of technology for scientific, medical, and chemical laboratories, spun out of Hewlett-Packard in 1999 in one of the largest such transactions of its kind at the time. Escobar has been with the company since before it went independent, starting as a vice president of sales and marketing in the 1990s and working her way up to her current role in charge of all global sales and channel development. As part of her long tenure with the company, she helped with the 2013 acquisition of assets from ABCIA. And her creative expansion of Agilent’s customer base includes helping form a 2016 partnership with supplier American Laboratory Trading to sell used, refurbished Agilent equipment to clients with budget constraints. By focusing on customers at all levels of spending, Escobar has seen her division endure and thrive.