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Trevor Clark

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Global VP,Growth

The subsector of real estate tech, or proptech (as it’s sometimes called), has seen tremendous growth in the last five to ten years, and among the buzziest companies in the space is Knotel, a startup that describes itself as the “world’s leading flexible workspace provider,” a commercial real estate solution for other enterprises. Clark joined the company in August 2017 with vast experience gleaned from a number of other notable startups that have since become household names, including ZocDoc and Betterment. He has a track record of achieving “rapid — yet sustainable — growth and designing scalable commercial strategies that align people, process, and product delivery to delight customers and optimize LTV [long-term value],” in his words. And he will be especially useful to Knotel now that the company has completed a gigantic $400 million funding round from investors at a valuation exceeding $1 billion, putting it in the class of technology unicorns.