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Wade Burgess

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EVP, Sales, Americas
Automation Anywhere

The world is increasingly automated, that’s just a fact. And companies like Automation Anywhere, the San Jose-headquartered robotic process automation provider, are well-poised to help deliver more efficient digital workers, or “bots,” that complement skilled human leaders and employees, freeing them up to do more creative and ambitious work. Burgess, who joined the company in January 2019 as executive vice president of sales in the Americas, is based out of Chicago. He has both a tremendous opportunity and challenge ahead of him, including convincing potential clients of the benefits of using error-free software and AI bots, while also ensuring they’re not alarmed at the prospect of software taking over the world. With his strong background in leadership positions, as CEO of staffing software company Shiftgig and vice president of talent solutions at LinkedIn, he’s got a wide range of relevant experience that will no doubt come in handy in his new role. “I aspire to join, recruit, encourage, develop, and invest in exceptional people,” he has written.