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Will Corkery

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SVP, Worldwide Sales & Business Development
Dell Boomi

You’ve heard of Dell, but how about Dell Boomi? Originally an independent startup, Boomi was acquired by Dell in 2010 and has been run as a co-branded business unit ever since. Dell Boomi specializes in integrated platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) technologies, and it’s up to Corkery in his role as the senior vice president of sales to continue the company’s successful sales growth and channel operations around the world — a hugely important effort as the parent company seeks more dependable recurring revenue streams than PC sales can offer. He joined Dell back in 2013 after his previous employer, Quest Software, was acquired by the computer giant. At Quest, Corkery’s region achieved the largest revenue growth of any in the company. His former colleagues are quick to give him hefty praise, including one who writes: “Will builds effective, deep relationships with customers and partners that create significant revenue opportunities for the company.”