Aamir Paul

Country President, US at Schneider Electric


Throughout his career, Paul has lived and worked in four different countries. He enjoys working with diverse teams and learning from different perspectives, a quality that serves him well in his mission of ensuring that Schneider Electric’s customers — who are spread across 100 countries — manage their energy in ways that are sustainable, efficient, and safe. During the summer of 2020, Schneider Electric committed to changing their culture in response to racial injustices across the country. The changes included ongoing donations to the NAACP, reevaluating their training and learning materials, focusing on inclusive hiring, and expanding their resource group for Black professionals. “I believe businesses have the power and responsibility to create cultures where hate and discrimination have no place and to use their power for change,” Paul wrote on the Schneider Electric blog. “Together we must strive to ensure our workplaces are places where everyone feels included, valued, and respected. We all have a voice, our actions, big and small, are a choice. Together, we can be a part of making positive change.”