Ann-Christel Graham

Chief Revenue Officer at Talend

Graham has over two decades of experience driving business growth, building and developing all-star sales teams, and delivering record-breaking revenue numbers. Prior to her time at Talend, during the more than 22 years she spent at SAP Concur, Graham increased the average deal size of big deals by 46%, decreased the sales cycle by 10% year over year, and helped the company scale into new markets while also managing to unlock $100 million in revenue from existing customers. Graham is currently responsible for Talend’s worldwide sales and channel operations. She says her secret sauce for sales success is “combining a deep technical acumen and a strategic business approach with value-based selling.” Outside of the office, Graham spent almost 12 years as an active volunteer with the Junior League of Palo Alto-Mid Peninsula, where she held board positions such as Vice President of Community and President’s Member-at-Large. She was honored with the President’s Cup Award in 2014.