Ava Drayton-Elder

Vice President Americas, Systems Sales and Key Accounts at SPX FLOW, Inc.


Throughout her time at SPX Flow, Drayton-Elder has had a lot of wins. Her first role was Vice President of Sales, in which she led the company’s $300 million Americas food and beverage commercial business. She also devised and executed a multi-year revenue plan that delivered over 10% annual growth. In her current position, Drayton-Elder leads strategic sales, global business strategy, and key accounts. With previous positions at GE and Dow Chemical, she considers herself a “change agent” focused on transforming business performance and driving sustainable growth. A colleague who worked closely with Drayton-Elder said that she handles even the most difficult situations with ease. “Under pressure she always has the control, remains calm and has the right words at the right moment,” he said. “She can easily understand complex and changing situations and quickly develop the right winning strategy.”