Cyndee Hoagland

Senior Vice President, Global Accounts and Corporate Partnerships at Trimble


Including her 14-year tenure at Trimble, Hoagland has over 25 years of experience as a growth-driven, profitable leader. Trimble delivers hardware and software solutions that connect the physical and digital worlds, including modeling and connectivity products and data analytics services. In her role as Senior Vice President, Hoagland steers the organization’s strategy, manages major global clients, oversees infrastructure, and manages both corporate partners and government relationships. Trimble’s clientele includes organizations that make up critical infrastructure that must operate flawlessly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Trimble team “is working to ensure uninterrupted access to the products and services our customers rely on to restock the shelves and transport critical supplies; plant and harvest crops; manage water and utility assets; synchronize communication networks; build and maintain our infrastructure and buildings; and more.”